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Invigentech Pig Serum 猪血清

Invigentech Pig Serum 猪血清
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 Invigentech Pig Serum 猪血清

 Sterility : Sterile filtered

 State : Frozen

 Storage : -20°C

 Shelf Life : 60 months

 Shipping conditions : -20°C or dry ice

Our system of vertical integration allows us to be certain of the origins and traceability of our serum. 

Each manufactured batch is rigorously controlled, from the collection of serum and throughout all 

stages of its treatment and production through to final packaging on our premises. 

invigentech Pig Serum is derived from clotted whole blood collected from pig with cleaned and 

disinfected equipment. The blood is centrifuged and the supernatant called “serum” is put in jugs 

before freezing.

The serum is collected or imported and treated in agreement with the European regulations.


Final Filter Size : 0.2 µm

Sterility :

All sera are tested for the absence of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, fungi, yeast and Mycoplasma.

The sterility test is based on the European Pharmacopoeia requirements.

The sera are tested for the absence of Mycoplasma by culture


All sera are tested to determine the levels of endotoxins. BioWest carries out a chromokinetic 

quantitative test, according to the method D of the European Pharmacopoeia.

The endotoxin reagent is standardized against the US reference endotoxin.


The haemoglobin level is measured by spectrophotometer.


pH specification: 7,3 to 8,3.


Determined by a lowered freezing temperature. The osmometer is calibrated against standard solution.

Cell Culture:

Biological performance is assessed using cell culture medium supplemented with the serum being 


During the test period, cultures are examined microscopically for any morphological abnormalities 

that may indicate toxic components in the serum.

Cell Culture Tests:

Cell Growth, Plating Efficiency, Cloning Efficiency.

Cell Lines Tested:

The following cell lines are tested with the serum:

HELA-Cancer Cell/Human.

L929- Fibroblast/Mouse/ As Macrophage

SP2/O-AG14 -Mouse/Lymphoma

Total Protein:

Determined by Biuret Colorimetry.

Country of Origin:

The country in which the serum was taken from the donor/animal.

invigentech sera are sourced from the following countries: France, Germany, Italy, Brazil,

Storage conditions:

Store at -20°C

Shelf life:

5 years

Recommended use: - Respect storage conditions of the serum

- Do not use the serum after its expiry date

- Store serum in an area protected from light

- Manipulate serum in aseptic conditions (e.g. : under laminar air flow)

- Wear clothes adapted to the manipulation of serum to avoid contamination (e.g. : gloves, mask, 

hygiene cap, overall…)

- In order to preserve all serum qualities, it is recommended to thaw out the flask, to aliquote, then to 

re-freeze the produced flasks rather than to thaw out and re-freeze the flask at each use.

- It is recommended to use the serum immediately after its thaw out. However, if it is not useful, it is 

possible to store thaw out serum, at +2°C / +8°C, until 26 weeks without significant decrease of its 

performances in cell culture. 

The product is intended to be used in vitro, in laboratory only. Do not use it in therapy, human or 

veterinary applications.

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