Invigentech Human AB Serum人AB型血清

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Invigentech Human AB Serum人AB型血清

Invigentech Human AB Serum人AB型血清
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Invigentech Human AB Serum人AB型血清

Storage conditions

Stored at 20°C, valid for 5Year

Product introduction

Human AB Serum lacks antibodies against the A and B blood type antigens, which prevents reaction with cultured cells and is recommended for use in biomedical applications. Human AB serum is regularly used for tissue engineering, transplantation and expansion of T-cells, cell therapy applications and cell line testing for PBMCs, bone marrow, CD9, CD3 and CD33. In addition, Human AB Serumis the main growth component used is CAR-T cell therapy applications. Our Human Male AB serum is collected via a multi-step process that is FDA approved. Each human male AB donor is evaluated, briefed on the collection process and given consent forms to sign prior to donation of human AB serum. Our material is collected and processed using a closed loop system, in an ISO certified manufacturing facility under cGMP allowing the material to be used worldwide in clinical trials and for commercial use.

The invigentech Advantage:

Our Human Male AB Serum is a proprietary product manufactured with either human or bovine thrombin following a cGMP process.

We collect and manufacture internally, allowing us to offer a product using a fully closed loop system from plasma donation to finished product.

invigentechdirectly collects our Human Male AB plasma from FDA licensed centers within the US

Each unit is tested and found negative for all viral markers using FDA-approved methods

Testing at CLIA and FDA approved labs

HIV-1, HCV and HBV by Nucleic Acid Test, Parvo B19, and HAV by Nucleic Acid Test, Anti-HIV 1 / 2, Anti-HCV, HBsAg & Syphilis

Additional testing provided by Access: Zika, WNV, Chagas, Anti HBC, Mycoplasma, Endotoxin, USP Sterility, Hemoglobin, Osmolality, pH, Chemistry, and Species Testing

Additional testing available upon request

.1μm sterile-filtered

Custom donor pools available

Heat inactivation and gamma irradiation available upon request 

Gamma irradiation is through a validated process

It can only be used for scientific research. It is forbidden to use it for human, animal or other purposes.

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